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The Perfect Sunless Tan For EveryBody

TanTowel® specializes in providing the highest quality products for a healthy sunless tan.  Quality, convenience and ease of use are evident throughout our entire range.  TanTowel® patented the first, original self-tanning towelette which revolutionized the way millions of people self-tan at home.  

With the damaging effects of the sun, TanTowel® strives to develop products which are a safe alternative to exposing yourself to the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

TanTowel® offers a full line of products designed to produce a unique and natural-looking sunless tan.  Our formulas work with each individual's own proteins and amino acids in their skin to achieve this.  The perfect combination of our exfoliator, self-tanners, and moisturizers work to produce your desired results, from a radiant sun-kissed glow, to a deep golden bronze.  

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There is no shortage of availability for our TanTowels online - but have you wondered if there are stores near you that carry them? Feel free to use our Store Locator by typing in your ZIP code (Make sure you call first, as the location may have our TanTowels seasonally, or they may be discontinued / out of stock).